my yellow teacup

my yellow teacup

Thursday, April 13, 2017

glad to be alive


I've had quite a week!
excitement in the form of escaped cows
and a near death experience
five white cows escaped their pastures and were on
the highway
three police cars with lights going
a four wheeler and a man shaking
a feed sack trying to herd them
back home
I couldn't resist sitting out on my
porch to watch
finally the man with the feed sack
got them all to cross the road
and they headed my way
as the cows went past I sat very still
so I wouldn't spook them
I didn't think they would even notice me
but every white head turned and looked me right in the
eye as they passed
I won't forget the look on their faces
fear, threat, RUN!
and run they did!
the man with the feed sack apologized as he
walked by
little did he know he made my day
now for the other event
I was sitting at the table
finishing my lunch as I worked on my budget
I had it all worked out
and took a deep breath
as I did I sucked a little bit of food into my
and thought "crap"
I started coughing of course
then noticed I could hardly breathe
ok now panic sets in
cause I'm alone
I cough, I run outside, I run back inside,
still choking I figure I better
grab my phone
and text my husband
I run back outside and cough really hard
the food shoots out of my mouth
thank goodness
so I call my husband who comes running from next door
and that was my near death experience
I swore I would never eat again
but I did
glad to be alive
i'm loving the goldfinch at my feeders, watching the hummingbirds
fight for their territory, making some progress on my art room, sleeping late, watching my seedlings grow, and Netflix.

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