my yellow teacup

my yellow teacup

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

still making stuff



I've gone from up to down
happy to sad
bad to good
life is hard
 I just keep trudging on
I painted another girl for my
yellow series
cross stitched a Pikachu
got another row ready to put together
for my quilt
the dogs all joined in on that
mr. darcy got a new
quite poodley :)
library books
lots of sleep
rainy days
watching The Crown
air conditioning

Friday, July 6, 2018

summer mornings






I've spent a little time in my art journal
every morning this week
this girl has changed everyday
I had no idea that I would use all
this color
I had no plan for her except for her pose
I really love painting this way
no expectations no stress
for perfection
just let her appear
use whatever color I love at the moment
marker paint color pencil
I try them all
I don't love the painting the whole time
in the past I would've
crumpled it up
said it was ugly
not anymore
I've learned too many ways to fix it
and I keep trying till
I love it again
aaaahhhhh! mornings outside
with coffee are another favorite thing
mr darcy and muffie jo
also loving:
loud beautiful fireworks
extra sleep
deer and foxes
chickens around my feet


Friday, June 29, 2018

don't give up






I spent a lot of time on my dream girl
not because I wanted too
I just couldn't seem to get her right
she is in my art journal
so its really no big deal
but I kept on until I liked her
and I'm so glad I did
I tried lots of different ideas
so she has lots of layers
of paper, paint, gesso
words, photos
and they all add up to what she became
it's nice to like what's in
your journals
I pulled out the quilt I started
but that's about as far as
that went this week
I did get some blocks pieced
probably enough for the next row
lil roli came and stayed a couple of days 
which means I got a lot of pokemon time in
he got me almost to the end of my current game
we also did some shopping, visited the library
and the community center
watched a movie
tired me out
next girl in my art journal
is the one with the pink dress
i'm having a bit of trouble figuring out her hand position
I will not give up though
my zinna's are starting to bloom
waffles and chicken
pokemon kids
coloring days at work
cookie dough blasts @sonic

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

new habits (and a free coloring sheet)





well let's see...
I've been making lots of art since I
was last here
in two different journals
and I started a yellow series for the wall behind
my art table
I was inspired for this from my
yellow board on pinterest
I began a large journal that I will fill
with mixed media girls
and a small journal for anything i'm in
the mood for
i'm also making some paintings
to fit the frames I've collected over the years
and tried my hand at some art trading cards
new habits are helping
I work every morning after my coffee
even on work days
*next schedule a day to blog
I went to some yard sales
found an old game boy sp
and a cute vintage horse pillow
got my first rainbow snowcone of the year (yum)
and visited the pond on a nice cool morning
summer starts tomorrow but it seems to
have come early here this year
I drew a summer girl in her garden
for you to color if you wish
 here she is:
loving this week:
making plans
baby chicks
playing sims 4
reading the bible
the kids at work
and jammie time when I get home