my yellow teacup

my yellow teacup

Friday, September 13, 2019

making stuff every day








i've gotten back to my routine this week
which feels really good. my art routine at least. but
it's been two weeks since i've walked! hopefully that can
start again by Monday.
the girl i painted is in my small art journal
and only took me around three hours. i made her using
tombow markers and prisma color pencils. then doodled around her with a white posca pen.
the tombow markers and water make the most amazing watercolors. i just love how they dry, making their own textures. so pretty.
i painted Virginia's new shelves and finished knitting
the tiny blanket for her bed. i'm still deciding whether the floor should be wood or checkerboard.
my art room hasn't changed much. though i have started
a tablecloth and I really like having a white surface to work on.
yesterday I finished the fourth season of outlander!
whoa they have one stressful life!
watching all of those back to back is tiring
with all the flinching i do lol.
i would've run back to the stones and the future
no matter how much i loved Jamie! whew! 
loving: my peaceful non violent existence
waiting: to start a better man when i finish my current book
needing: a big glass of sweet tea
enjoying: the last days of summer

Friday, September 6, 2019

being inspired



looks as if i missed last month huh? i just got determined to finish painting my art room. i started it like two years ago! it was time. the reason i got back to it was i have been reading the dottie angel blog. i started at the beginning in 2007 and it's been so much fun! and so inspiring! because of her i have prettied up my laundry room and finished painting my art room. and i am so happy! now i am in the process of making it pretty, working clockwise around the room i will cover, paint, organize and hang stuff. and the good thing is i already own most of the stuff i need. i just found it all while moving things around. stashes of fabric, of buttons, of boxes, all kinds of cute stuff. i did get a fun garden fairy painting done, and work some on my tiny kitchen. got to spend some nice mornings outside at different places too. so i've just been busy, but now i'm back.
loving:  all the ideas in my head
wishing: I could make things faster
dreaming: of my finished art room

Friday, July 19, 2019

things i never thought i would do



i spent the morning outside today, after a week of it being way too humid to spend time out there. which has put me in a very good mood. it was still warm but a nice breeze was blowing keeping me cool.
the sun was warm on my bare feet and all was good with the world.
i think building Virginia's tiny house has something to do with my happiness too. because since i've started it i'm feeling very accomplished, like i've really done something important. i suppose it is important to me since i've wanted to build a dollhouse  forever and was just too scared to try. and i've found i can do it and it doesn't have to be perfect. i only have to please myself.
I've started the kitchen, finding inspiration on pinterest and a little drawing i made of my last kitchen. i made a pattern and washi taped it together to make sure the size was right. then i cut the pieces out of the back of my watercolor block, which is some good sturdy cardboard and glued it all together with tacky glue. next I cut popsicle sticks and glued them together for the countertop. i traced the sink hole onto the counter and cut it out with a box cutter (just like they do on hgtv lol) and put my sink in. which is an empty jelly packet. next i will be putting the drawers and cabinets on and painting it all. i'm either going to stain the countertop or paint it, i haven't decided yet. virginia loves it though.
the painting was done from a class my daughter is taking. i had to try it too and it turned out better than I expected. classes make you try things you may never have thought of doing before, like a dragon. I made the boy look like my grandson which made it even more fun. I did it using watercolor paper, tombow markers, prisma color pencils and gesso.
i'm on season 3 of outlander, but I have only watched a couple of episodes so far. I've got to get back to it soon.
drinking: way too much sweet tea
eating: everything i shouldn't
needing: serious self discipline
loving: Virginia's tiny house
hating: the tv nightly news