my yellow teacup

my yellow teacup

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

new habits (and a free coloring sheet)





well let's see...
I've been making lots of art since I
was last here
in two different journals
and I started a yellow series for the wall behind
my art table
I was inspired for this from my
yellow board on pinterest
I began a large journal that I will fill
with mixed media girls
and a small journal for anything i'm in
the mood for
i'm also making some paintings
to fit the frames I've collected over the years
and tried my hand at some art trading cards
new habits are helping
I work every morning after my coffee
even on work days
*next schedule a day to blog
I went to some yard sales
found an old game boy sp
and a cute vintage horse pillow
got my first rainbow snowcone of the year (yum)
and visited the pond on a nice cool morning
summer starts tomorrow but it seems to
have come early here this year
I drew a summer girl in her garden
for you to color if you wish
 here she is:
loving this week:
making plans
baby chicks
playing sims 4
reading the bible
the kids at work
and jammie time when I get home


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

here & now



Loving // this rainy day at home

Eating // dark chocolate while I blog 

Drinking //  thinking about a glass of wine

Feeling // comfy and contented

Making //  lots of girl paintings

Thinking // about starting a painting when I finish this post 

Dreaming // of January when the holidays will be over and I will 
be starting a fun CAL blanket from Attic24 !!  I ordered my
yarn this morning and I'm kinda giddy. :)
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Sunday, November 12, 2017

girl's trip















I miss it already
even the
wind and the big hair
and the sand
covering everything
I own
the ocean is wonderful
and I got to experience it all
sunny and warm
cold and windy
even stormy
can't wait to see it again