my yellow teacup

my yellow teacup

Thursday, May 18, 2017

good things













 a little bit of art  lots of reading,
lots of eating  coffee always
sitting outside listening
to the birds
shopping and new yarn
dogs in my lap
working and walking
these are the good things

Thursday, May 11, 2017

here and now







here and now
Loving // my new red chairs

Eating // healthier and staying full

Drinking // lots of water and enjoying the occasional sweet tea or coke

Feeling // really good and full of energy

Making // art and crocheting new dish rags

Thinking // that I still can't believe I can take so many steps in a day

Dreaming // of floating in the ocean
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I've had a busy week
and i'm tired
but a good tired because I've gotten 
a lot of stuff done
sunday is becoming my favorite day
I take the whole day off
and do nothing
( though I will go to church)
I don't walk, don't cook, don't clean...
just enjoy
watch a movie, or get on Netflix, 
crochet, read, anything mindless and easy
and I feel wonderful on Monday, ready to go. I have worked a little on my painting, crocheted three dish rags, had a fairy party at work, took a drive in the trans am with the tops out, went with 
bobby to feed the fish at the pond, washed my car by myself, cleaned the back porch and all the furniture and planted some flowers in my garden. So I will definitely enjoy this sunday off. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017




ponds and lakes are full
to overflowing
washed out rocks and gravel
on the roads
I will be happy to see the sun again
we had two new birds at our
indigo bunting
rose-breasted grosbeak
that's always exciting to me
a pokemon party at work
had the kids
looking for hidden Pikachu's
and such
I started a new painting
a gorgeous lion
becomes wisdom for me
still loving my lifebook 2017 classes
especially how Tam teaches you
to work out your problems
with art
loving that I can walk over 10,000 steps
a day now, watching Gilmore girls on Netflix, keeping my house tidy
with flylady, movies, naps and staying home.