my yellow teacup

my yellow teacup

Thursday, June 29, 2017








I spent a lot of
my off time
the weather was wonderful
no humidity
is a good thing
though my dogs have
been concerned about it
I'm still working on my little mermaid
and getting more and more
behind on my weekly
I try to fit them in
like the journal pages above
it's so nice to just
write, draw and paint
coffee outside
building fires
 cicadas singing in the trees
creating with the kids at work
checking things off my to do list
long drives in the white car
Gilmore Girls

Thursday, June 22, 2017

my own style?



I finished my style study
and found I do
have my own style
now I just have to keep
and fine tune it
we had our pokemon club
at work
I'm so glad the kids are
interested in learning
how to play the
card game
even had a few adults
come who still
enjoy it
another thing this week
was a watercolor
the kids were so wonderful
I just love talking
with them as
they get creative and paint
they seem as excited
as I am about it all
I've started a little mermaid class
and I'm really enjoying it
it is free until the end of June
if you are interested
its wonderful to watch whether you paint
or not
having my coffee outside in the mornings
reading at the local coffee shop
big blue morning glories
painting on my days off
children who love books
and art
and pokemon

Thursday, June 15, 2017

here & now






Loving // everything I'm learning about art and myself
in my Lifebook classes 

Eating // everything I shouldn't

Drinking // same as above

Feeling // hopeful that I can change my bad habits and look and
feel better

Making // little art studies of my favorite artists

Thinking //  about playing the pokemon card game at work today
with a bunch of sweet kids

Dreaming // of finishing my art room
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Thursday, June 8, 2017

all the flowers






oh this morning!
cool and dry
feels so wonderful
and last night was too
so we built a little fire
and listened to the birds
settle in
then the frogs and the
lightning bugs
start up
I really wish
I could sleep out there
but I heard a motorcycle far away
and it reminded me of
a growling mountain lion
and I knew id never make it
 I feel like its real
so I go in
our lifebook class
last week has been so much fun
and I have learned a lot
about my why I'm drawn to certain types of art
we get to try our favorite artists style
and then write what we love about
it's funny how I don't realize
stuff like that until
I write it down
loving eating out at favorite places
and finding new favorites
crocheting wash rags
lifebook 2017 classes
and all the flowers