my yellow teacup

my yellow teacup

Thursday, June 22, 2017

my own style?



I finished my style study
and found I do
have my own style
now I just have to keep
and fine tune it
we had our pokemon club
at work
I'm so glad the kids are
interested in learning
how to play the
card game
even had a few adults
come who still
enjoy it
another thing this week
was a watercolor
the kids were so wonderful
I just love talking
with them as
they get creative and paint
they seem as excited
as I am about it all
I've started a little mermaid class
and I'm really enjoying it
it is free until the end of June
if you are interested
its wonderful to watch whether you paint
or not
having my coffee outside in the mornings
reading at the local coffee shop
big blue morning glories
painting on my days off
children who love books
and art
and pokemon

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