my yellow teacup

my yellow teacup

Sunday, June 22, 2014


      I got a lot done yesterday. Yay! I finished the painting I started last Saturday and added 
   two rows to my crochetmoodblanket. The painting had a girl on it that just wasn't working, 
   so I made her bigger and added the quote...and I liked it. I cut dresses out of different 
   papers ( felt like playing paper dolls ) also hearts of different colors. When I picked what I 
   liked I wrote and stamped on them (scary) but fun.
      The crochet blanket has one square for each day, the color chosen by what mood I am 
   in. It's made out of pretty, soft baby yarn. I was afraid it would be mostly all red and grey, 
   It turns out I'm happier than I thought!  The blanket was started on Instagram. Go to 
   #crochetmoodblanket2014 if you're interested. Mine won't be finished til the end of December.
                               I'm already looking forward to next weekend...sigh.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

saturday morning walk

     Saturday morning was sunny and cool so I went for a walk and explored the
   back pasture. The cows weren't around this time but I ran into bunnies and squirrels,
   luckily no snakes. Probably due to my telling them "snakes run away" loudly as I 
   walked. Ya think? Anyway, these are things I saw on my walk. I can't wait to go 
   dig up some of those shamrocks for myself! They were huge! 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

already over

     Sigh...another weekend is over. It was rainy. It was relaxing. It was productive.