my yellow teacup

my yellow teacup

Saturday, May 24, 2014

still smiling...

      I think I smiled all day today. It's so wonderful to wake up and realize that not only is it
    a weekend but a 3 day weekend! I stayed in bed and had my coffee, then breakfast 
    while I read blog posts and looked at shoes online. 
      When I got up I decided I would clean the house. If I'm in the mood for it then I think it's 
    fun. So I started in the bathroom. I started with the mirror, then noticed my toothbrush 
    holder was dusty....and I knew this wasn't gonna be just cleaning.  I moved things around,
    took things out and added things. So simply cleaning the bathroom turned into a 2 hour
    job! Not that I didn't enjoy's clean and pretty now. I added lace behind the curtains, 
    a basket for my husband's reading material, a bucket for extra toilet paper, and I simplified 
    the sink counter. I added some of my heart rocks on the windowsill to go with the hearts
    on the wall. It's fun to find new uses for things we already have, isn't it? 

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