my yellow teacup

my yellow teacup

Sunday, May 18, 2014

seventeen calves

     It was such a nice day today! It was cool outside and so green. I spent most of it 
   inside, so after lunch and a nap I went out. Mr. Darcy and I walked to the back pasture
   to look at the cows. I counted 17 beautiful calves. They were as curious as we were 
   and came right up to the fence to see us. Black, tan, cream and brown with big eyes
   and long lashes. One of their moms joined them and a ways off in the field was a bull 
   watching and eating grass. Of course I talked to them like they could really understand
   and held Mr. Darcy so he could see better. (I was so mad I didn't take my camera!)
   When I put Mr. Darcy down the calves scattered but watched him trying to figure out
   what he was. We walked back home and I got ready to build a fire so I could cook
   hot dogs,which I was craving. As I ate Mr. Darcy stalked me until I gave him a bite. He 
   doesn't stop until all the food is gone. The fire burned down, the air was cool so I had 
   to give it up and go back inside.

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