my yellow teacup

my yellow teacup

Saturday, July 17, 2021

everything in it's place


good morning

There is nothing better than sitting outside each morning with a cup of coffee.

Then a walk in the shady parts of the yard.

I cleaned up my table so I could paint this week. Also I set up an area to paint frames. They are stacking up in a corner.  Now I can work on them as I paint my girls. 

I just need to remember to put everything in its place and maybe it will stay tidy.



watching: Never Have I Ever on Netflix

dreaming: of crocheting this cute neck cosy

wanting: to build things out of wood.

Monday, July 12, 2021

summer mornings


good morning

Summer isn't always my favorite season, with it's  heat and humidity.  Oh but the mornings 💛💛💛 spent outside with a good cup of coffee are the best! Sitting with the birds and the clouds and the peace, sigh..  I go to bed looking forward to them. 
And now my cat, Grey, joins me. She started out as a stray kitten but has grown into a wonderful pet. 

My dogs have started going with me on my morning walks. We all need the exercise these days, to help take off some added pounds. 
Slowly but surely. A little bit at at a time. Changing habits until they stick. 

Instead of painting I quilted this week.  I so enjoy hand sewing, the slow stitching, one at a time rhythm and the satisfaction of seeing progress.  And when you are finished you have something not only beautiful but practical. Made by you. 


watching: back to back episodes of Building Off the Grid 

 marveling: at a tiny baby praying mantis, as he turned his head and looked at me when I talked 

eating: ripe sweet juicy cantaloupe 

wishing: I had been as brave as these girls when i was young

Saturday, July 3, 2021

just one thing




I've started walking again! Which is surprising to me. Sitting around doing nothing had been my new thing. It wasn't fun and time was just rushing past.  It's 3 o'clock already! , was my new saying. But now i get up and walk first thing. It didn't just happen though. 

I realized i was getting depressed, didn't want to draw, didn't want to go outside, didn't want to read. Just play video games and nap. Get online for hours at a time. Eat. Go to bed.

So i was reading my emails and this thought from James Clear stood out to me.

This sounded like something i could do. So i thought about it and decided that drinking more water was one of the things i needed to do most. I gave up sodas. It was hard at first but after 2 weeks i started feeling better.  I started doing more.  After 4 weeks i started walking and next i began painting. It actually worked!

I'm getting back to painting every day.  Next i hope to quilt an hour a day, since i've got that started and really want it finished before winter.  I've started reading blogs again, i've really missed them. I love seeing what others are up to. The words, the photos, things made and the world around them. Also YouTube , i watch as others live and accomplish the things they dream of , which is so inspiring. 

what has inspired me this week:
watching her paint is mesmerizing and the music is so pretty 💗


Friday, June 25, 2021

feeling free



It truly feels like we all skipped a year. I remember very little of it, except for the feeling of concern for everyone. I did very little as a whole, living mostly in pajamas. Took an occasional drive on empty roads and came right back home. I escaped into the world of Animal Crossing and enjoyed it thoroughly, playing a full year. That's the longest i've ever stuck with a game!

Then gradually it started getting better. I got out a little wearing a mask. Began eating out some. And although i was afraid at first, i got completely vaccinated. Now i feel free. And i wonder why i didn't do more during the past year. No flowers were planted, no walks , no daisy picking, no blogging, no painting.

But this spring i've come alive again, doing all the things i missed. Picked daisies, planted flowers and even found a little grass snake to hold. I've also begun to paint regularly and walk.
These four girls I painted this week. They are small , 5x7, but i'm really happy with how they turned out and will be making more of them.

loving the unpredictability of black watercolor over collage

enjoying the warm sun with mr. darcy

drinking red wine in the afternoon

watching my flowers grow from seed

thinking of quilting this weekend

Friday, September 13, 2019

making stuff every day








i've gotten back to my routine this week
which feels really good. my art routine at least. but
it's been two weeks since i've walked! hopefully that can
start again by Monday.
the girl i painted is in my small art journal
and only took me around three hours. i made her using
tombow markers and prisma color pencils. then doodled around her with a white posca pen.
the tombow markers and water make the most amazing watercolors. i just love how they dry, making their own textures. so pretty.
i painted Virginia's new shelves and finished knitting
the tiny blanket for her bed. i'm still deciding whether the floor should be wood or checkerboard.
my art room hasn't changed much. though i have started
a tablecloth and I really like having a white surface to work on.
yesterday I finished the fourth season of outlander!
whoa they have one stressful life!
watching all of those back to back is tiring
with all the flinching i do lol.
i would've run back to the stones and the future
no matter how much i loved Jamie! whew! 
loving: my peaceful non violent existence
waiting: to start a better man when i finish my current book
needing: a big glass of sweet tea
enjoying: the last days of summer