my yellow teacup

my yellow teacup

Thursday, September 7, 2017

color in the form of yarn


color in the form
of yarn
has kept me so busy
that painting
has been
slipped my mind
maybe it's color that inspires me
more than ideas
but I am loving
adding the next row
on top of colors
I would never
pick on my own
but I love anyway
and the surprise I feel
when they look
hopefully I will be
less afraid
when I start back to
also I'm looking forward
to fall
I cleaned up
my fire pit
and built a couple of fires
it was actually cool
last night
perfect for sitting
and talking
and laughing
and stoking
and just enjoying
the flames
and the warmth
funny how
the last of my zinnias
are as colorful
as my yarn
spiders and their webs
reading harry potter slowly
coffee on cooler mornings
mushrooms popping up like magic
watching whole seasons on Netflix
drives in the white car
making plans and lists
for things to come


  1. I love playing with colour and I find crocheted squares are such a fun way to do this!