my yellow teacup

my yellow teacup

Sunday, August 17, 2014

the many things i want to do today...

       crochet: catch up on my crochetmoodblanket 
       paint: start a new painting
       shop: browse the local flea markets
       watch: movies on my list
       read: sit outside and read about almanzo (littlehouseontheprairie)
       diy: redo my closet
       play: make sims on my sims4demo
       sleep: rest up for next week
       retire: never work again (hadtothrowthatonein)
       now I'll just see what I end up doing...

       a trip to the store to get the makings for beef stew (andmyfavoritesnacks) 

    a little crochet while the meat is boiling

    oh man! homemade beef stew, poured over a piece of white bread...dang that was good!
    then skittles for desert, shared with mr. darcy of course. he gets the green apple ones that 
    i don't like. looks like bobby fell asleep watching nascar, so I'm gonna go make a sims. 

    i made charles and caroline ingalls. now when sims4 comes out on september 2, I can build
    them a cabin in the woods. 

    so i ended up cooking, crocheting, playing a little sims, and resting. next weekend i will



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