my yellow teacup

my yellow teacup

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

here & now

I'm joining in with Sarah over at Say! Little Hen
for Here & Now.
So much fun to see what others are up to.


Loving //  spending the day at home

 Eating //  hopefully not more ice cream

 Drinking //  coffee and lots of water
Feeling //  relaxed despite the mess surrounding me

 Making //  crocheting a blanket with my leftover yarn, drawing a halloween girl 
and her crow friends

 Thinking //  about all the other things I should be doing

 Dreaming //  of building a fire tonight if it's cool enough
(ha forgive me for not linking up to Say! Little Hen
seems I've forgotten how to do that. But you
can find her blog in my list on the


  1. Relaxation is good! I've got a pretty messy looking craft table at the moment. :) Thanks for the peek at your Here & Now - I especially enjoyed your creative journal pic. Pats to the dogs!

  2. Oh your poodles are SO cute!! They wouldn't be white if they lived here, they'd be red from the soil :-)
    Thank you so much for joining in! I loved seeing your post x

    PS No worries about the link :-)

    1. They do stay white, but they stay inside most of the time. Thanks for starting Here &Now, I really enjoy it.

  3. Oooh, that all sounds lovely! And your bullet journal is so clever... I love how they look and am so impressed by the people who manage to keep them so neat and tidy!

    We're hoping to have a fire tonight as well - fingers crossed! :)

    Kate x

    1. I have actually kept my bullet journal going for over a year now! Filled one completely! I love them cause I can keep all my lists in one place and have a space to doodle in. The fire didn't happen, it was too dry out (burn ban) :( thanks for comin by :)