my yellow teacup

my yellow teacup

Friday, September 18, 2015

a place for my pink coffee pot

    After browsing through Pinterest , Instagram and
   all the wonderful blogs I follow, I got the idea to
   make a coffee station. I had found this perfect
   pink coffee maker on Amazon but knew it would
   not make my husband happy to replace our black
   coffee maker with a pink one.  Still I couldn't
   get it out of my head.
     So this is what I came up with and I LOVE IT!


I now have a use for my thrifted coffee canister.
Moved my sugar bowl and polka dot cup and added
some linens out of my stash.
I put my coffee cups nearby on a shelf.
And now I love making my coffee every


  1. This is a very sweet coffee station - I can see why you enjoy making your coffee in the morning. What a lovely selection of linens. Did you do the embroidery?
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thanks Susan! No those are just some I've collected.

  2. Your pictures are like art work! I just love your little pink coffee pot. Don't think I've seen one that color before.

    Happy TOHOT. :)

    1. Thanks Stacey! I am very happy with it.

  3. Thank you for joining our first ever Thoughts of Home on Thursday!
    We are so glad you are here!

    Your pink coffee pot is wonderful. What a wonderful, peaceful, pretty way to start the day.

    1. Thanks Laura! I am really enjoying finding new blogs to visit!

  4. Oh how I adore your collection of sweet vintage linens and canisters.

    Thank you so very much for linking up to Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Your presence helped to make it extra special.

    Happy Valentine's Day!