my yellow teacup

my yellow teacup

Saturday, October 9, 2010

i've been dying to knit.....

so i headed down to hobby lobby with my sister.
i knew i wanted to make these
yoga socks
cause i love socks with no toes
and gloves with no
i picked out my yarn and it was all pretty and soft, and
went home to watch youtube videos for a
refresher course in knitting.
after watching i thought to myself " i can do this"
and i looked around and said "where's my yarn?"
i looked all around and started thinking i was crazy....
and then i saw HIM!

MR. DARCY !!!!!!

and i went in my bedroom to his favorite spot
to take things he shouldn't have.
there it was all over the floor by my bed.
i picked it up and couldn't even find
an end to begin on.

so now instead of beginning my socks i get to spend my time
rolling up my yarn into balls.
i'm not happy.
and he's not sorry.


  1. i see those skittles hiding in the yarn.....

  2. LOL! i ate those skittles as i wound up the mess into balls.

  3. mm, skittles. i have a bag in my computer desk... along with some reeses pieces. how's the knitting?

    mom, are you aunt judy?

  4. right now i'm eating scary nerds, left over from halloween. my knitting is scary as well.
    and yeah aunt judy is your mom.